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New Chain Link Fence

A chain link fence is a practical choice if you want to secure your home or office without breaking the bank. With Sonoma Fence Company, we can get your fence up in no time. Before anything else, however, let’s look at why exactly it’s practical to get this type of fence.
Quick To Install
You can summarize the steps you need to take in installing chain links in just two parts: set the posts and then link the chains together. Of course, there’s slightly more to it than that, but that’s the basics.
You can see right through it. Sure, it won’t give you privacy, but it will provide you with security instead. The transparency of the fence allows you and security monitoring companies to quickly detect potential dangers, even if they’re yards away from your property. Transparent fencing also complies by default with local building codes when it comes to fences.
They last for years. Chain link fences often use galvanized steel. This won’t rust unless its zinc coating erodes, which usually takes decades. If you coat it with paint, you can further extend its lifespan.
Low Maintenance
They’re inexpensive and require little maintenance. Typically, you can leave your chain link fence alone entirely. Once it rusts, you may want to simply have it replaced. On the other hand, repairs are relatively easy. You can even do it yourself, unless the damage is severe, then you should get our help.
If you want to get your chain link fence right now, dial our number and have a chat with our team!