Gate and Access Control Systems

Wood Driveway Gate

Putting a fence around your property’s perimeter should be enough to secure your workplace and business. However, you should not forget to put a gate on it and set up an access control system.

If you want a reliable contractor to build and set up your gate and access control system, you have come to the right place. Read on for more details on what a proper gate and control system entails.

What Is an Access Control System?

An access control system is a simple way to control who gets to access certain parts of your property. It is a convenient way to protect your workplace or business against trespassers and people who have malicious intentions against you or your business.

There are multiple entry devices you can choose from for how your system can allow and bar entry:

  • Password or pin key panels
  • Mobile-based QR code scanners
  • Biometrics (fingerprints or face recognition)
  • Card readers (swipe or scan) and access keycards
  • Intercom or telephone system
  • Barcode scanner

Why Get One?

It is more economical and practical to set up an access control system in lieu of security personnel. It is also reliable and makes you and your property less vulnerable.

Aside from that, it is very inconvenient to use traditional locks to keep sections of your property safe. Keys are easy to duplicate and difficult to keep track of, making them inefficient. In most cases, you do not even have a way to track who lost their keys until it is too late.

With a modern access control system, you can also keep track of who goes in, out, and who attempted to tamper with the system. When combined with other security measures like CCTVs, it will not only prevent unauthorized people from gaining access but will also deter individuals from trying to fool your system to gain entry.

What Comes With the System?

Aside from the gate, a complete access control system comes with a variety of devices. Here are the devices you need for a basic access control system.

  • Gate operator: The mechanism that gets turned on and off when the gate needs to be closed or opened.
  • Entry device: The device that an individual needs to interact with to gain entry.
  • Exit device: This type of device gets triggered automatically when it detects a person or vehicle attempting to exit your property.

In some cases, you need additional devices to protect personnel and vehicles in an entrapment area and extra locks for walk gates.

Get Your Gate and Access Control System Now

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Gate Types

Allow a gate and access control system to complete your fence. It has now become standard to install access control systems and fence gates in most commercial and industrial spaces and properties. After all, it keeps you, your business, and your employees safe.

There are multiple gate types and options available to you:

Swing Gate Operators

  • This is your typical secured fence gate. It provides robust protection against people and vehicles alike.
Security Swing Gate

Slide Gate Operators

  • Slide gate: Slide gates can be a bit costly to make, but it saves a lot of space when it comes to operation.
Commercial Fence

Barrier Arms

  • Barrier Arms: This is often used in light security settings to mostly block vehicles.
Barrier Access system